Do you know...

... that the same as we need food and physical activity we need to rest? Remember what your body needs. Physical and mental hygiene is crucial to face the challenges that life gives us every day. Relaxed people are beautiful people.

We know how to take care of you because SPA is our passion.​

We are here to take care of you. We are a team of passionate professionals with a deep understanding of our mission, who will put the whole heart in the time we devote to you. A true recipe for releasing tension and deep relaxation.


Renewal for body and mind

Welcome a place of passion and belief that properly served moments of relaxation lead to a true restoration of body and soul and can provide energy and inspiration for further actions

Welcome a place full of maritime beauty merged with exceptional architectural solutions, enabling our guests to enjoy the views and rest just a small step away from the seashore



Welcome a place radiating with peace, offering the possibility to calm down and draw inspiration from its interior

Welcome a place where you will be looked after by passionate professionals with deep understanding of their mission, who put their whole heart in the time they devote to each of our guests


Rest from everyday life

Welcome a place where you will not need your watch, where you simply unwind. Romantic moments for the two of you, family holiday, a feminine weekend with your friends, some special day celebration or a simple, everyday need for a moment of relaxation away from reality – come and visit us regardless of the occasion.


Packages Day SPA


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