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Baltic Sea Voyage 380zł / 90min

Welcome at the Baltic Sea, let us take you on a voyage filled with moments of regeneration and relaxation. Discover the benefits of Baltic treasures: Polar Algae and its innovating anti-aging active ingredient; along with ancestral plants Seaberry and Rhodiola Rosea is known for they relaxing and regenerating properties. The voyage begins with full-body peeling containing amber stone bits, next we will wrap your body with regenerating and nourishing mask. We will reach the shore with soothing moves of relaxing massage. Welcome aboard.*

*Incredible opportunity - if the booked treatments include "Baltic Sea Voyage", apart from the Spa discount, you get the same discount on the Mera Spa by Olga Idzik collections in our pop up store.

Express Beauty 220 PLN / 40 min
Basic facial care in express version. A perfect solution for everyone who does not have time for full care.


Beauty + 285PLN / 60min


Basic face care treatment which focuses on the specific skin needs. Choose the one most suitable for you and enjoy its results: cleansed, brightened and nourished skin.
• hydrating
• cleansing
• calming
• nourishing

As an addition do the skincare - deep relaxation included!

This treatment can be recommended for pregnant women. (after 12th week)


Vitamin Energy 550PLN / 75min

This treatment is a highly effective combination of intensive vitamin cocktail, taurine, and a special device that stimulates energy giving a revitalizing result. Its main effects are regeneration, brightening and protection of the skin. Thanks to vitamins: A, C, E, H, B9, B6, B5, B3 your skin receives a “vitamin bomb” effect. Excellent for every skin type.


Supreme DHE.Age - RETINOX 510PLN / 75min


Unique treatment with DHEA “youth hormone”, designed for women who look for modern skincare and rejuvenating effect. A regenerating procedure removes the most visible effects of the aging process, improves the condition of the skin and makes it look younger. Recommended as mature skin care, the treatment removes wrinkles and makes the skin more smooth, flexible and firm. The effect is visible even after a single treatment.


Hydra Clinic 450PLN / 75min


An intensive treatment with hydro-nourishing effect. Stimulating the natural mechanisms of skin hydration, it helps to strengthen and protect the lipid coating of the skin, simultaneously improving its elasticity. It is a therapy that provides the skin with an optimal amount of moisture. It also helps to improve the natural process of skin regeneration.


Skinjexion 510PLN / 75min


It is a therapy for deep wrinkles, an alternative to a surgery. Based on a revolutionary conception that inhibits the factors that cause the skin to twitch, removes the wrinkles, fills existing ones and slows down their formation. This way, without any pain or risk, we can obtain the results similar to the effects of Botulinum Toxin, Hyaluronic Acid, Mesotherapy injections


Mera Amber 290PLN / 75min

The ritual begins with a feet massage combined with reflexotherapy elements. This body massage with amber stones, based on a luxurious Mera Amber Body Butter full of gold shavings, will fill you up with positive energy and gives your skin a sensual, warm aroma. It reduces the stress and discomfort, simultaneously soothing and relaxing your body.


Mera Classic 260PLN / 60min

This relaxing therapy includes the whole body massage that will help you to combat tiredness and bring your body, soul and mind into the state of total relaxation. It warms your body and stimulates your vitality. Luxurious sweet almond oil will deeply moisturize and nourish your skin.


Relaxing Aroma 240PLN / 60min

This whole body massage will effectively bring relief to your stressed shoulders, arms and neck. The combination of natural oils, shea butter, together with long and slow, but deep moves of the therapist’s hands are a perfect recipe for true relaxation.


Hot Stones 290PLN / 75min

This therapy combines relaxation massage techniques with a massage using heated basalt stones. A touch of warm volcanic stones has a beneficial impact on tense muscles, as a result of daily stress.


Back massage 170PLN / 30min

This massage, combining classical and relaxing massage techniques is perfect to relax aching muscles of back and neck, which are believed to be a barometer of stress and often cause pain and discomfort. This massage can be recommended to pregnant women. (after 12th week)


Feet massage 170PLN / 30min

Legs and feet are our foundation. For most of our life feet carry the weight of the whole body, moving us from place to place. They also play a very important role in health prevention, as a map of the whole body. Let them take a break and give them a nursing massage that will provide rest and relaxation to the entire body. This massage can be recommended to pregnant women. (after 12th week)


Anti-Stress Touch 200 PLN / 40 min
Relaxing massage of the back, neck and head


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